Transformative Programs & Private Sessions

For anyone struggling to lose weight, BelmarWellness of Belmar, New Jersey, has the solution for you.

I have created an effective and simple weight loss program to help you shed weight and build your confidence.

Weight Loss Program

My weight loss program has all you need to slim down and boost your self-esteem.     

Valued at $500.00, less than the cost of a Health Club or Home Food Delivery Program with limited results.
Get lasting results with this 4-session program includes:

  • Resetting the Table of your mind
  • Resetting your Hunger Gauge
  • Home Reinforcement CD
  • Having a Fat Dialogue Conversation
  • Moving into Thin

Weight Maintenance Program

Upon completion of program and to ensure continued success.
Schedule a monthly visit to keep on track   $60  /  60 min.

My Weight Loss Story

Years ago, I had lost 40 pounds on a Weight Watcher’s Program.
10 years ago, I notice that I had regained about half of the weight.
I lost the weight again and keep it off now with a daily practice of self-hypnosis.
Self-hypnosis is highly effective in modifying my behavior.

My weight gain directed me to be more aware of what I eat.
This encouraged me to eat healthier and reshape my attitude and lifestyle for the better.
With my newfound strength and self-hypnosis.

Roseann has kept those 20 pounds off!

Stress Management Program

Each of us are unique individuals and the way we manifest our stress varies from person to person.
With that in mind, Roseann understands a Belmar lifestyle is different from Princeton or Philadephia.
Each program will be designed to address your particular needs in reducing stress in your life.

Identify the triggers causing stress
Discover  root causes of old habits
Understand overwhelming patterns

Relaxation techniques
Clarity of mind
Improve decision making

Roseann will take you step by step guiding you to be the Powerful Person you are

Program valued at $500 with CD provided for home reinforcement between sessions

Maintenance Program

A monthly visit provides growth and improvement $60/60mins

Quit Smoking Program

Smoking, like all addictions, is not about willpower. Addiction is an ironclad chain that prevents your from realizing the power of yourself. How many times have you quit smoking only to start again.
One cigarette is is too many and 100 is never enough.
When you are sick and tired of being controlled by a stinky habit.
Call for a Free phone consultation, ask about a smoke free program designed for you.

Go Cold Turkey or Wean Off 

Identify triggers to lighting up
Eliminate old habits

Customize a Smoking off Program

Calming techniques
Rid old beliefs
CD home reinforcement

Maintenance Program

Maintenance Program as needed recommended to ensure you are a Successful Smoke Ender each visit $60/60mins

Private Sessions

All sessions are private and confidential in a safe and comfortable environment. Day and evening appointments are available. $150.00 per session.

Other CD’s for Home Reinforcement

For the moments you need more help, listen to a home reinforcement CD.

Each CD valued at $15.00. CDs topics include:

Weight Loss for Life

Reset Hunger Guage

Quit Smoking Now

Sleep Now

Relaxation for Well Being

Contact me to guide you in transforming your life and create a new, healthier lifestyle for yourself.