How does STRESS affect you?

Does the chatter in your mind never stop?
Are you gaining weight and none of the diets seem to work?
Do you regain the weight you lost?
Do you ever feel ”I can never get it all done”?
Are you unable to get a good night’s sleep?
Do you hold tension in your lower back, shoulders, stomach, head?

Healthy stress motivates us to act, run from a threat or danger. Even us living by the Jersey shore are stretched thin with responsibilities, work, family, health, and other commitments. Stress is the means of responding to our demands.
When we are unable to find balance in our life and/or release stress in a physical manner it will collect in our bodies causing:

Emotional Eating

Poor Digestion

High Blood Pressure





Lost Libido

If any of this sounds familiar, you may be experiencing modern day Stress.

Hypnosis Works

All hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis. What you tell yourself is what you live.
What are you telling yourself that keeps you Stuck?
What are you telling yourself that leads to Success?
In a private session master the art of Self-Hypnosis as a powerful tool.
Break old habits. Give yourself a Boost. Live your fullest Potential. Be Creative and Self-Confident
Let Hypnosis work for you – Never against you as others have found in Monmouth and Ocean counties

Reiki Healing

Reiki (pronounced Ray -Kee) dates back to ancient Tibet and is a natural healing modality.
Similar to acupuncture, soft hand pressure is applied to you at varies energy centers.
This a non invasive modality increases oxygen and blood circulation relieving:

muscle tension

poor digestion

body functions

promotes healing pre & post surgery


fearful thoughts



Hypnosis and Reiki Sessions

A private session, in either Hypnosis or Reiki, will Relax your body and Free your mind of the day to day tensions of life. With the help from Belmar Wellness of the Jersey shore, Roseann provides a tranquil environment which will promote calmness and relaxation. Many have said they leave each session feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Private Sessions

Each session is comfortable and confidential. A one on one session with Roseann will be especially tailored to address your needs and lead you to your fullest potential. A session is generally 1.5-2hrs ,the right amount of time to express yourself and find the best means to accomplish your goals. When you contact me, we can determine the best way to resolve your concerns.

EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

The goal of EMDR is to process distressing memories, reduce lingering effects and allow clients to develop more adaptive coping skills. This is technique is utilized during a Hypnosis session.

Past Life Regression

A session within your mind’s eye will further reveal your self story. You may experience this as an actual event or an elaboration of your imagination, however, you will benefit with the knowledge to apply to your life.

Tree Reading

From the Garden of Eden to the Kabbalah Tree of Life a tree has been a symbol or metaphor that represents an individual’s nature. A tree drawing provides insights into one’s personality without the restrictions of language, culture or gender barriers. The purpose of a tree reading provides a deeper understanding to our true nature, back to our roots, strengths, talents, beauty, resilience and moves us forward to branch out to our many possibilities.

Draw a Tree – Receive a Message
No Artistic Ability Required
Just a Desire to Expand Awareness

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

This modality originates from ancient Chinese medicine Tapping on strategic acupressure points is non invasive and can be taught for self healing. You will be guided in the tapping series empowering you to release negative thoughts calming your mind and relaxing your body.