About Belmarwellness

Success Lies Within You.

The answers that bring you happiness and success lie within you. At times, it may seem difficult to reach or maintain your goals, but this is simply an experiment to test your determination.

Power your mind through the inspiration that comes from within yourselves, as opposed to motivation, which is a response to avoid negative repercussions. I encourage everyone to be Free, to choose, to Lose Weight, Quit smoking, and Reduce Stress. I am honored to be your facilitator on your journey of self-discovery.

About Roseann Petropoulos

Certified Hypnotherapist, Wellness Coach & Reiki Master

Thank you for viewing my website. I followed my dream and relocated to the Jersey shore approximately ten years ago. My path has been long and hard; however, I have quieted my mind, healed my body, and soothed my heart and soul through my faith and desire to be happy.

I keep my spirit alive everyday by staying close to nature. I go to the ocean year round, walking my dog, and in warm weather sitting quietly at sunset. I eat healthy foods in season, practice yoga, self-hypnosis and Reiki often. I continue to find things to do that are interesting and fun. I am truly grateful to be living my dream.

It will be my pleasure and honor to allow me to guide you and lead you to “Live Your Dream”.

Aside from being a Certified Hypnotist, Past Life Regression therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, I am also a Neuro-Linguistic practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and Certified Tree Reader.

Current Endeavors

Helping others realize the power within themselves is my ultimate goal. To achieve this goal, I work closely with the Belmar Mayor’s Wellness Commission, as well as volunteer with Mary’s Place by the Sea, Root to Rise and Preferred Care Hospice. My belief is that everyone is capable of living their dream by redefining their goals and creating the life they choose to live. Let me help you live your dream.